Got HTML5? How about AJAX, JSON and XML?

There's a lot of talk about HTML5, AJAX, JSON and XML these days. And with good reason. These technologies bring so much power to web development and server-to-server communication, chances are high that one, two or all of them can help your business in ways you might not even imagine:

But how?

XML Development Professional Certification
XML Development
Certified Professional
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With over twenty years of software development experience, and more than eleven years using and teaching these technologies to IT professionals, Andrew M. Andrews III is well equipped to:

  • evaluate your B2B and B2C projects and tell you how and where HTML5, AJAX, JSON and/or XML can be beneficial;
  • develop, manage and maintain web applications that take full advantage of HTML5, AJAX, JSON, Javascript, DHTML (dynamic HTML/XHTML) and/or XML.
  • create XSL stylesheets to transform your data and/or make it presentable to end users (including XSLT, XPath, XHTML and XSL-FO);
  • design XML Schemas and/or DTDs to document and define your XML documents; and
  • teach you and your staff everything you need to know to get started using any (or all) of these technologies right away!

As an independent consultant, Andrew M. Andrews III is able to deliver a high level of skill and expertise at a fraction of the cost of an agency-based contractor or permanent employee! He is willing and able to travel the globe to work with you on-site.

You can't lose!

Contact Andrew M Andrews III today to bring the benefits of HTML5, AJAX, JSON and XML to your organization right away!